Presidential election: Candidates renew call for consolidating internal front to protect Algeria


ALGIERS- The five candidates for the presidential election of December 12th on Saturday renewed their call for the consolidation of internal front to protect the security and the stability of Algeria.


Candidates Abdelkader Bengrina, Ali Benflis, Azzedine Mihoubi, Abdelmadjid Tebboune and Belaid Abdelaziz all urged the Algerians to vote en masse on the voting day to elect a “legitimate president” able materialize their demands of change.

From Algiers, Bengrina committed to build a “republican and democratic system which draws its legitimacy from the people”.

Ali Benflis, who met with voters in Batna and Khenchela (east of Algiers), affirmed that the “internal front is stronger thanks to the people and the People’s National Army which defended the national sovereignty.”

As for him, Azzedine Mihoubi pledged to facilitate foreign investments and boost partnerships with the Algerian companies.

For his part, independent candidate Abdelmadjid Tebboune reaffirmed commitment to “effective” management of problems and concerns of young people by giving them priority in all policies and sectors.

Candidate Belaid Abdelaziz said that the “December 12th election is an opportunity for all the Algerians to end the crisis and break with the former regime.”



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