Presidential election to take place under good conditions


ALGIERS-Minister of Communication, Government Spokesman and Acting Minister of Culture, Hassane Rabehi on Thursday said that the presidential election, scheduled for 12 December, would take place “normally and under good conditions.”


All segments of society are strongly committed to the upcoming elections, which will take place, we are sure, normally and in good conditions,” said Rabehi on the occasion of the launch of the Youth Caravan to the southern regions to raise awareness of the importance of participation in the upcoming presidential election.

“Algerians are aware that by fulfilling their electoral duty, they will contribute to the preservation of security and stability, conditions essential for the sustainable development of our country,” stated the same official.

Rabehi expressed confidence in “the positive reaction of the people through massive participation.”

The launch of this awareness-raising caravan to the southern regions took place on the sidelines of the inauguration of two hotels belonging to the “Marriott” chain in Bab Ezzouar.

Minister of Tourism and Craft Industry, Abdelkader Benmessaoud, Minister of Environment and Renewable Energy Fatima-Zohra Zerouati, Minister of Health, Population and Hospital Reform Mohamed Miraoui and Governor of Algiers, Abdelkhalek Sayouda attended the inauguration ceremony.

On this occasion, Rabehi praised this initiative, stressing that “youth is the wealth of the country.”



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