Two Algerian movies to compete in Cairo International Film Festival


ALGIERS-Two Algerian feature films “ParKours” by Fatima Zohra Zamoum and “Abu Leila” by Amine Sidi Boumediene will compete in the 41st Cairo International Film Festival whose festivities began on Wednesday evening, the Egyptian press reported.

An Algerian-French coproduction, the feature film “Parkours”, made in 2019, enters the competition “perspectives of Arab cinema”, alongside 11 other films, such as “Bik Eneich” by Mahdi Barsaoui (from Tunisia) , and “Khartoum Offside” by Marwa Zein (Sudan).

It all begins in a village hall, the main venue for this 90-minute film, where different profiles meet in this dramatic comedy.

Also shot in 2019, “Abu Leila” competes among the seven (7) films selected to win the “Critics’ Week”, just like the Spanish feature film “A job and a film” (A trabajo y una pelicula), or “black ash” (Ceniza negra) of Sofia Quiros.

A 140-minute Algerian-French-Qatari coproduction, “Abu Leila” looks back at the tragic events of the 1990s, through the story of two young men who track down in the Algerian desert Abu Leila, a dangerous terrorist.

A selection of feature films featuring 150 films from 63 countries, including Mexico, guest of honor, is open to competition at this 41st edition of CIFF.

Created in 1976, the Cairo International Film Festival is considered one of the oldest festivals dedicated to the seventh art whose purpose is to build communication bridges through cinema, according to the organizers.



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