Presidential Election: Bengrina insists on imperative of winning the battle for food security in Algeria


EL-BAYADH- The candidate for the presidential election on December 12, Abdelkader Bengrina stressed on Friday in El-Bayadh, the imperative to win the battle for food security to preserve the sovereignty of Algeria.

At a rally at the public library in the city of El-Bayadh, on the sixth day of the election campaign, Bengrina said that “the one who can not meet his daily needs for food can not be sovereign in its decision “, considering it necessary to” win the battle for food security to preserve the sovereignty and stability of Algeria “.

“Algeria is not able to meet all the food needs of the people in times of crisis,” he warned.

The wilaya of El-Bayadh, land of the revolt of Sidi Cheikh, “has considerable assets to achieve food security. However, the old system” worked for the consecration of the dependence, by privileging the politics of the import to the detriment of the national product “.

“If I am elected head of the country, I will not allow, under any circumstances, the band out of prison, or thier return to power,” said, in this sense, Mr. Bengrina, pointing out that “the Algerian people are demonstrating today a great conscience and will denounce all those involved in the maneuvers of the old regime “.

Responding to citizens gathered outside the public library to express their refusal to hold the presidential election, Bengrina said, “We will stand with our brothers who refuse the elections (…) We will work together in the best interests of the country and the ballot box will decide, “adding that” the refusal of the presidential election is synonymous with a period of transition. ”

As a reminder, the wilaya of El Bayadh is at the top of the wilayas which signed for the candidacy of Mr. Bengrina. The presidential candidate said, in this regard, “this charges us with additional responsibility in order to be faithful and dedicated to Algeria”.



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