ANIE introduces electronic election monitoring platform


ALGIERS – The National Independent Electoral Authority (ANIE) has been strengthened by a  database that has allowed to develop the national electronic file of the electorate, as well as an electronic platform to automatically check and monitor the next poll, said Wednesday, the president of the ANIE, Mohamed Charfi.



Speaking on the occasion of the launch ceremony of the national electronic register of the electorate and the electronic election monitoring platform, held at ANIE headquarters in the presence of its members and representatives of the national press, Mr. Charfi affirmed that ANIE, having mastered the legal aspect of the electoral process and the human aspect through the signature of the Charter of Ethics of Electoral Practices by stakeholders, has managed, today, to achieve another feat mastering the technological aspect thanks to the national electronic file of the electorate and the electronic election monitoring platform.

Assuring that the computer engineers from ANIE who were behind this achievement, Mr. Charfi said that his Authority would continue its efforts by creating an electronic portal to communicate with citizens and opening its own page on social networks , before denying that the ANIE “has not opened any official page for the moment”.

Reviewing the results of the operation of revision of the electoral lists in anticipation of the Presidential election, through the electronic national file of the electorate, verified on this occasion, by the identification of a few randomly selected individuals present, the officials of ANIE and representatives of the national press paid a visit to the operations room of the electronic election monitoring platform.

This electronic platform will ensure the communication with the communal and provincial representations  of the ANIE, the day of the poll, and this by ensuring the reception of the data, their collection and their analysis in an electronic way, then the “accurate and precise”proclamation of results.

Ensuring that the electronic election monitoring platform is “fully” controlled, Mr. Charfi also noted that it is secure, operational and ready to use, through 50 computers, a device will be dedicated to each wilaya (48 wilayas), while the other two remaining devices,  will be reserved for the voting operation abroad.

Responding to journalists’ questions on the sidelines of the ceremony, Mr. Charfi said his authority “has not noted any overruns” since the beginning of the electoral campaign, calling on all parties to “adopt civility without the use of violence” , despite the different points of view within the components of society “.

“The divergence in points of view or methods is normal, but what we want to achieve is to build a state in which all Algerians will live in freedom and democracy,” said Mr. Charfi before adding that “the supporters and the boycotters  have the right to express their opinion without infringing the rights of others and their interests. ”





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