Government meeting: Several draft executive decrees examined- Integral text


ALGIERS- The Government, meeting on Wednesday under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Noureddine Bedoui, reviewed and debated several draft executive decrees and heard presentations on a number of issues related to different sectors, including the postal and digital, agriculture and housing ones, indicated a communiqué of the services of the Prime Minister.


“The Government, held on Wednesday, November 20, 2019, a meeting chaired by the Prime Minister, Mr. Noureddine Bedoui, during which, they examined and debated draft executive decrees and presentations on sectors of Post and Digital, Agriculture, Housing, Employment, Public Works and Water Resources.

The Government also heard and discussed the Development Plan of the Entreprise Algérie Poste.

Firstly, the Government has examined and adopted a draft executive decree on the integration of the beneficiaries of the aid scheme for the professional and social integration of graduates. The purpose of this draft text is to determine the terms and conditions for the integration of graduates with pre-employment contracts, from 2008 until today.

Speaking after the presentation of this executive decree, the Prime Minister affirms that he intervenes in application of the decisions of the Government aiming to regularize the situation of all the persons integrated under the Aid to the professional integration (DAIP) who remain in a situation of integration up to 31 October 2019 and whose number stands at 456,791 cases, the operation to be completed following the facilitations decided for the realization of this decision in the best conditions.

This decree will gradually allow to integrate all the people concerned by this device, until the fixed date.

The Prime Minister also said that the integration operation must be done in stages, in accordance with objective and transparent standards, according to the seniority in the device, and this from 1 November 2019 and will be spread throughout three (3) years, resulting in the integration of:

– 160,000 beneficiaries by the end of 2019, for those who have completed more than 8 years of actual activity.

– 105,000 beneficiaries in 2020, having between 3 and 8 years of effective activity.

– The integration in 2021, the date of the end of the operation, of the remaining beneficiaries with less than 3 years of seniority and whose number rises to more than 100,000.

Mr. Bedoui emphasized the determination of the State to implement this national decision and this executive decree adopted today by the Government, which is intended as a pledge reflecting the commitment of the State in this area.

In the same vein, being a national priority, the Prime Minister has instructed the Minister of Finance and all sectors involved in this operation, to mobilize all available financial and human resources, for the realization of this decision in the best conditions.

The Prime Minister ordered the beginning of the immediate realization of this operation at the level of the local communities financially comfortable.

Second: A presentation by the Minister of the Post Office on the situation of the Algerian company post and its development plan.

Addressing the decision of the Prime Minister at the previous meeting of the Government, this presentation highlighted the development of the post office network and the expansion of 4,000 offices, with the aim of covering the national territory, as well as the effort deployed for their development and modernization as well as the development and diversification of postal services, in addition to the financial balance of the company.

The experience of mobile post offices that offered postal services in isolated areas and the strengthening of services in certain areas (beaches, university cities) were discussed.

At the end of the presentation, the Prime Minister welcomed the palpable development achieved by this company and the marked improvement in the quality of services provided to citizens, particularly in terms of increasing the level of postal coverage that exceeded the Arab and African average, with a post office for 10,000 inhabitants according to the classification of the Universal Postal Union in 2018.

Mr. Bedoui expressed, in this context, his thanks to all the executives and workers of Algeria Post for the qualitative leap recorded thanks to the combination of their efforts and their dedication to the preservation of this local public company in the service of the citizen .

Reiterating the State’s determination to accompany Algeria Post, the Prime Minister called on the company to redouble its efforts to diversify, improve and modernize its services for the benefit of citizens in the first place in accordance with international standards.

In this regard, the Prime Minister has decided as follows:

– Accelerate the implementation of e-payment services through the creation of a commission of experts at the level of the Ministry of the Post with the participation of the sectors and bodies concerned, which will be in charge of putting in place a plan spread over a year for the immediate realization of the project, starting primarily with administrations and public bodies such as the tax administration, social security and others.

Periodic reports on the progress of the operation will be presented to the government.

– Pursue the pioneering project for the realization of the mobile post offices in coordination with the national company of industrial vehicles (SNVI), with the exploitation of export opportunities available in view of the interest expressed by several African States.

– to instruct the Ministers of the Interior and Finance to take the necessary measures to facilitate the implementation of the structured development projects programmed by Algeria Poste, notably the creation of a new Datacenter and the creation of production units for business cards; e-payment and maintenance of vending machines at the local level.

– Task the Ministers of Housing and Post to ensure a joint working group to allocate space at all new cities to build post offices with compulsory housing.

Thirdly, the Government has examined and adopted a draft executive decree laying down the conditions and procedures for the opening, management and closure of posts , presented by the Minister of the Post for a second reading.

To this end, the Prime Minister indicated that the adoption of this executive text is part of the Government’s approach to the modernization of postal and financial services, introducing the new means of E-payment in line with the developments in the field of electronic transactions.

Fourthly, the Government has examined and adopted a draft executive decree decommissioning plots of agricultural land intended for the construction of housing units and public facilities in some wilayas, presented by the Minister of Agriculture.

At the end of this presentation, Mr. Bedoui emphasized that this measure only concerns land of low agricultural value and intervenes in response to growing demands for the implementation of public development projects including the completion of AADL housing programs especially the program of the wilaya of Algiers.

Fifth: The Government has examined a draft executive decree setting out the terms and conditions for the construction and operation of promotional rental housing (LLP) presented by the Minister of Housing.

This text aims to put in place a new approach to create a new innovative housing formula, with regard to sources of funding for housing programs with the involvement of public and private real estate developers, in return for adequate incentives to even diversify the housing supply and regulate the rental housing market.

To this end, the Prime Minister has emphasized the imperative to introduce this text as part of the work of the workshop to examine the mechanisms for setting up a new strategy based on openness of the real estate market with the contribution of all stakeholders in the market like public and private real estate developers and entrepreneurs experienced in carrying out housing projects.

The Prime Minister said that the government’s decision to regularize the deeds of property will necessarily contribute to the recovery of the rental housing market.

In this context, the Prime Minister has decided to instruct the Minister of Housing to deepen the examination of this text and to enrich it.

Sixth: a draft executive decree amending and supplementing executive decree N 96-132 of 13 April 1996 on the definition of prices at the different stages of the distribution of flour and its derivatives,  was presented by the Minister of Commerce, for a second reading.

This amendment is part of the Government’s measures and procedures for the maintenance of the currency, the reduction of cereal imports and, in the first place, of common wheat.

Measures have identified the real needs of the domestic market in soft wheat, set at 4 million tonnes instead of 6.2 million tonnes imported each year.

Speaking after the adoption of this draft executive decree, the Prime Minister stated that the aim is to eradicate illegal practices in the orientation of subsidized products to other destinations, and to maintain the same prevailing price while guaranteeing its availability to the citizens.

In this context, and since it is a vital product, Mr. Bedoui ordered the establishment, as a matter of urgency, of an independent national regulatory body for strategic products, particularly wheat and milk for their control and regulation, a file to be examined within the framework of an interdepartmental council dedicated to this purpose.

Seventh: The Government has adopted a draft executive decree adopting the National Civil Aviation Safety Program, presented by the Minister of Public Works and Transport.

The draft of this regulatory text aims at the adoption of the National Civil Aviation Safety Program, validated by the National Committee for Civil Aviation Safety, setting the national policy on civil aviation safety, and the prevention of civil aviation activities from illegal interventions. This must involve measures and procedures that take into account the integrity, regularity and efficiency of flights in accordance with the standards required by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

Eighth: The Government has adopted six (06) projects for single OTC contracts to carry out drinking water supply and sanitation operations for the benefit of the citizens of El Oued and Ouargla.

Speaking on this occasion, the Prime Minister referred to the recurring phenomenon of water in some wilayas of the South, in this case Ouargla and El Oued, instructing the Minister of Water Resources to develop projects with  public markets and enterprises, to present the file at the next meeting of the Government, carry out a working and inspection visit to these two wilayas and to prepare a visit report.

In this context, and in order to strengthen the management of the sanitation issue in the wilaya of Ouargla, the Prime Minister has entrusted the Minister of Water Resources in coordination with the Minister of Finance to register the implementation of fifteen (15) remaining stations lacking financial coverage.

He also insisted on the need to take up this issue. In this context, he has appointed the Minister of Finance, in coordination with the sectors concerned, to put in place mechanisms for the evaluation of completed projects.

Ninth: the Government has adopted a project of a mutual contract between the Public Works Department of the Algiers province and COSIDER TP for the completion of the reinforcement works of the airstrip at the airport of Algiers and its annexes.

The simple OTC market project is implemented in accordance with the Government’s decisions to accelerate the commissioning of this strategic and unique airstrip in Algeria, reduce the pressure on the main runway and to adapt to relevant international standards in this field, including the recommendations of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

In this context, the Prime Minister affirmed that the completion of this project is a priority, especially after the entry into service of the Algiers International Airport, deciding to:

Reduce production time to 6 months instead of 12 months by commissioning the company COSIDER TP to mobilize all the necessary material and human resources to guarantee the realization of this project within the given deadlines, ensure the respect of quality in accordance with standards in the construction of the aerodrome, given the specificity and the sensitivity of this kind of works in terms of civil aviation safety.

Tenth: The Government listened to a presentation made by the Minister of the Interior on the progress of the work of the commissions responsible for allowing every citizen to obtain, within a period of six (6) months, the property deed of the private or public housing programs.

This presentation comes in execution of the decisions of the Government taken at its meeting held on November 06, 2019, concerning measures to be taken to enable citizens to obtain deeds of ownership of their homes, in the sense that an inter-ministerial commission (Interior, Finance, Housing and Agriculture) was installed at the level of the Ministry of Interior on Monday, November 11, 2019. An instruction was also sent on November 12, 2019 to the governors to install the local commissions, chaired by the them.

Pending the final results of the preliminary data of the collection operation, certain constraints were identified and presented at the second meeting of the interministerial commission held on Tuesday, November 19, 2019, namely: housing files carried out on non-agricultural parcels loties, or on parcels for which a legal text has not yet been promulgated, private dwellings on agricultural land that can not be regularized , and the problem of social land, especially those related to the transfer of ownership between the services of the National Estate and the communes.

In this regard, the Prime Minister stressed the need to pay special attention to this issue and present it at the next Council of Ministers to regularize the cases concerned by the subdivision of farmland built having lost their agricultural nature.

Eleventh: The Government listened to a presentation by the Minister of Finance concerning the appointment of directors of the Boards of the public banks.

This presentation is part of the first phase of implementation of the plan for the reform of the governance of public banks, approved by the Government at its meeting of 25 September 2019, in order to ensure the professionalism of the Boards of Directors of the public banks by including independent members of these boards, who will be chosen on the basis of their professionalism and knowledge of the banking, financial, economic and digital businesses, and the separation of the roles of the Board of Directors and the Board of the Executive Director General in charge of the operational management of the Bank.

Twelfth: The Government listened to a presentation by the Minister of Health on the implementation of the decisions of the Government, relating to the strengthening of the health care system at the level of the South and the Highlands.

This presentation showed a significant progress in terms of the implementation of the decisions taken, in particular the elaboration of the regulatory texts relating to the introduction of the bonus linked to the access support of certain personnel to health services at the level of 100% as well as the text relating to the establishment of a civil service bonus, in addition to the operations of lifting the freeze on health projects and the signing of 125 twinning agreements.

In this regard, the Prime Minister emphasized the imperative follow-up and the implementation of all decisions without exception, pending the appointment of a commission composed of the secretaries general of the ministries to hold their meetings regularly at the level of wilayas of the South, in order to follow more closely the execution of these decisions and the elimination of any possible constraints “.


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