Gaïd Salah discusses fate of public companies including El Hadjar complex


Algeria – On his second day in Ouargla, the 4th military region, Ahmed Gaïd Salah, Deputy Defense Minister, Chief of Staff, praised the measures taken by the government to protect public companies.

For Ahmed Gaïd Salah, the government has done well. As an example, he cites the fate of the El Hadjar iron and steel complex.

“We welcome the measures taken for the protection of the steel complex of El Hadjar,” he said. And to ensure, “the complex of El Hadjar was exposed to the plots of the band”.

Ahmed Gaïd Salah, also, praised the attitude of the Algerian people, which he believes they are overcoming the challenges and adapting to all situations despite the difficulties. “Among the most important qualities of the Algerian, his solidarity with the homeland,” he said.

Finally, the Deputy Minister of Defense acknowledged that Algeria needs its “faithful” children. “The people can make Algeria a haven of peace,” he said.


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