“Next president must be uniting force for all Algerians,” Benflis


SOUK AHRAS – The presidential candidate of December 12, Ali Benflis affirmed, Monday in  Souk Ahras, that the next president who will be elected by the Algerians must “unite the Algerians without any exclusion”.

Speaking at a lively rally at the House of Culture, on the second day of the election campaign, Benflis said the next President “must be a uniting force for all Algerians, without exclusion or marginalization, listening to all parties and opponents. ”

Responding to those who oppose the Presidential election holding, Talaie El-Houriyet party chairman said that going to elections is “the safest way to preserve the country and guarantee its stability”, calling for ” respect for the opinions of those who favor its  organization “.

The candidate for the highest office in the country stressed the importance of “the continuity of the state”, based, he said, on the “confidence and legitimacy” granted by the people,  on the one hand, and the sovereignty of its institutions on the other one.

Reaffirming that Algeria is experiencing a serious crisis whose resolution requires time, he said “emergency solutions” are included in his electoral program.

Addressing the main points of his program, Mr. Benflis cited the drafting of a law that protects the opposition, the amendment of the law on political parties and the revision of the organic law on the electoral system, after consultations with all parties.

Moreover, he insisted on “the protection of the public funds, the activation of the control, the rendering of accounts and the rationalization of the expenses through the reduction of the operational budget, besides the recovery of the taxes.

Regarding the use of external indebtedness to address the decline in foreign exchange reserves, Benflis said that “all indebtedness must be in the context of wealth creation, investment and the realization of basic infrastructure and not for secondary projects “.

As for the freedoms, the candidate advocated “the freedom of justice with the cancellation of the privilege of jurisdiction for persons occupying high positions of responsibility”.

Referring to the education sector, Benflis pledged “to give special attention to this sector depending on the country’s financial situation”, refusing to give “false promises to citizens” .

Speaking to young people, the candidate Benflis promided to grant them positions of responsibility and special status as well as priority.

He, also, undertakes to grant members of the Algerian community abroad responsibilities to manage the affairs of the country.

Mr. Benflis spoke, in his address, about the history and the great leaders of the wilaya of Souk Ahras during the War of National Liberation, of which Badji Mokhtar fell on the field of honor.

He lamented the “marginalization” suffered by the wilaya, saying he “will serve the inhabitants of the wilaya and all Algerians to improve their situation.”


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