Presidential Election: Bengrina presents outline of his electoral program


ALGIERS- The presidential candidate of December 12, Abdelkader Bengrina, presented Friday in Algiers, the outline of his electoral program “based on political, economic, social and security visions for the building of a new Algeria, that meets the demands of the popular Hirak “.

Under the slogan “Let’s Build Together New Algeria”, Mr. Bengrina pledges to work towards “the building of a new Algeria that meets the people’s aspirations for freedom, dignity and justice through political reform that eradicates corruption and despotism and lays the foundation for a strong and stable state, “adding that the reform process begins with dialogue and partnership.

Among the fundamental axes of his electoral program, the President of the El-Bina Movement, quoted in particular, “the amendment of the Constitution, the limitation of the powers of the President, the reform of political practice, the preservation of national security, the strengthening of individual and collective freedoms , besides, the support for the opposition to enable it to play its role, as well as independent justice, the safeguarding of national sovereignty, the reform of the regime of governance and the institutions of the ‘State and diversification of partnership through strong diplomacy’.

In the socio-economic component, the presidential candidate Abdelkader Bengrina insists, in his program, on “the achievement of a global development through the establishment of a liberal economy based on competition and raising Algeria to the rank of emerging countries and this, through the optimal exploitation of resources while ensuring the preservation of the future of the generations in accordance with the orientations and choices of society “.

If he is elected President of the Republic, Mr. Bengrina promises to increase the basic salary, to reduce the global income tax (IRG), to increase the allowances attributed to women and mothers on maternity leave for the sake of “preserving the cohesion of Algerian society”.

He also commits to “increase the rate of economic growth to at least 4% over the next five years and lower the unemployment rate”.

Referring to the importance of foreign and security policy, he undertakes to “consolidate the National Security and Defense Doctrine, consecrate the popular character of the National People’s Army, strengthen its professionalism and promote its constitutional role in the preservation of national independence and the defense of unity, sovereignty and national and territorial integrity “.

On this occasion, Abdelkader Bengrina asserted that the presidential election “is the one and only constitutional way to ensure the continuity of the state”, warning against the derogation to the Constitution “a threat to the security and sovereignty of Algeria and mortgage its stability “.



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