Creation of National Commissariat for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency

Many wind turbines and a large solar panel array in a desert valley, mountains in the distance and blue sky above. Palm Springs, California, USA

ALGIERS- Prime Minister Noureddine Bedoui said, in Algiers Thursday, that the creation of the National Commission for Renewable Energies and Energy Efficiency will address the obstacles and difficulties that impede the implementation of the program in this field at the national level.

“The establishment of this office comes in response to the difficulties and obstacles that were encountered during the implementation of the national program for renewable energy and energy efficiency,” said Mr. Bedoui, in an address, read on his behalf by the Minister of Energy, Mohamed Arkab, during the installation ceremony of the Commissioner of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency.

These difficulties, he said, consist in the lack of coordination between the different sectors, the insufficiency in terms of technical skills and the non-compliance of the current modes of financing, adding that this police station “will constitute a force of proposal to the provision of public authorities to effect the dynamic changes to be introduced to be in tune with technical, technological, scientific and economic development “.

“Eight years after the launch of the National Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Program, we notice that its implementation is hindered by a number of obstacles and difficulties, including funding, lack of local technical expertise and the lack of coordination between different sectors, “he explained.

He added, in this regard, that “the diversity of actors in the field of renewable energies and energy efficiency in addition to the complexity of the tasks to be undertaken to achieve the strategic objectives set by the State, require an efficient and coherent coordination between different sectors “.

Pointing out that this coordination will make it possible to determine the means available, particularly national expertise, the Prime Minister said that “the State should, in the framework of the establishment of a multisectoral coordination between the different actors, create a national authority enjoying the necessary prerogatives to fulfill these missions “. This is, he said, the National Commission for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency.

Highlighting the activities provided by this new body, Mr. Bedoui said that the development of renewable energy and energy efficiency measures is an “alternative to energy security in economic development, environmental preservation and the fight against climate change “.

“The commissioner’s mission will be to define a national strategy for the development of renewable energies and energy efficiency and to coordinate national efforts to implement the programs adopted by the political authorities in favor of renewable energies and energy efficiency.

The Office will also work to provide the necessary support to institutional and economic stakeholders in terms of training and the encouragement of research and the development of scientific and technical information on renewable energies, “Bedoui added.



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