Agriculture: Agriculture Minister Omari pleads for food security


EL MENEA – The Minister of Agriculture, Rural Development and Fisheries, Cherif Omari pleaded Friday in the  delegate province of El Menea, for food security through measures to improve productivity, yield and the quality of agricultural products.


“The actors of the agricultural sector must take up a big challenge which is to ensure a food security, while preserving our natural resources including the local seeds adapted to the climatic conditions of their environment”, said Mr Omari during his visit to El Menea.

The use of the selected seed is the prelude to the improvement of cereal productivity and the preservation of our food security, the minister said, adding that incentives have been taken by the public authorities for the promotion of the use of selected and treated local seeds.

The minister said that it is imperative that Algerian farmers increase agricultural innovation and the use of technology to meet the growing demand for food, reduce imports and save the currency.

Mr. Omari called on agricultural actors to find new ways to improve yields through the adoption of new technologies and know-how, including digitization, to boost agricultural productivity and, thus, create wealth and employment.

“This approach will enable farmers to increase yields, manage inputs more efficiently, adopt new crops and production systems, improve the quality of their products, and conserve natural resources,” he said.

Accompanied by the Minister of Vocational Training, Mr. Dada Moussa Belkhir and the local authorities, the two ministers and the local authorities began their visit in the locality of Hassi El Garaa  270Km south of Ghardaia, overseeing the planting of hardy trees operation  as part of the national reforestation campaign to create green spaces and  strengthen and consolidate the green dam.

Omari promises to remove constraints faced by farmers

The two ministers also visited the vocational training center in the commune of Hassi Garaa, where the Minister of Training and Professional Education, underlined that his sector is working for the qualification of the workforce and the modernization of the vocational training sector before announcing the forthcoming creation of multisectorial and multifunctional entrepreneurship houses in the various institutes and training centers in order to prepare young people for self-employment by setting up their own company .

Minister Dada Moussa Belkhir also assured that the training centers of the wilaya of Ghardaia will soon be equipped with modern teaching equipment.

Continuing their visit, the two ministers visited a point of sale of livestock feed before launching the realization of cereal silo with a capacity of 300,000 QX in El Menea and another one in the locality of Hassi lefhal.





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