☔️ Special Weather Forecast Bulletin: Torrential rains, gusty winds to blow through different parts


Torrential rains and gusty winds will blow through different provinces of the country, as of today, Friday ,November, 15,  2019, according to a special weather report (BMS) issued by the services of the National Office of Meteorology.


The concerned provinces are:

  • Tlemcen,
  • Ain Temouchent,
  • Oran,
  • Mostaganem.

Bulletin validity: Till midnight.

The cumulations of rain will raech 20 mm.

In a previous bulletin on the same day Friday, November 15, the office said that the expected winds in the western region of the country will reach 50 k / h and that snowflakes will be recorded on the heights exceeding an altitude of 1000m .


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