Presidential elections: Rabehi warns against negative influence of fake news on social networks


The Minister of Communication, spokesman of the government, Hassan Rabehi today participated in a study day on the influence of social networks on societies.

The spokesman of the government warned against the negative impact of the social networks, especially during the political deadlock the nation is going through.

“Social networks have become a fertile ground for fake news that journalists should face with conscience in this particular context that the country is going through. “he said.

“The enemies of the people use these networks in vain attempts to sow the fitna and to undermine the institutions of the Republic, headed by the military institution that guarantees the national sovereignty and the territorial unity, which without hesitation has supported the people’s choice to go to free and transparent democratic elections. ” stressed the spokesperson of the Government.

 “We have seen through some experiences how manipulation by fake news could influence the destiny of nations as well as the orientations of voters and the convictions of candidates. We must be inspired by these experiences and the efforts made to organize the field of social networks to deal with those who spread lies, despair and usurp truths, ” he pointed out.

A few days before the start of the election campaign, the government wants to raise awareness against the fake news which, last night, foe instance, spread the news of the  dead of the mujahid Louisette Ighil Ahriz. The rumor of his death has been circulating.


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