The 10th International Cultural Festival of Contemporary Dance opens in Algiers


ALGIERS – The 10th International Cultural Festival of Contemporary Dance (Fcidc) opened Saturday evening in Algiers under the sign of “Harmony”, with performances led by ballerinas and dancers from Algeria, Russia, guest of  honor of the festival and Portugal, in choreographies with existential themes, marked by the finesse of the gesture and the grace of the movement.

The public attending this evening at the Opera of Algiers appreciated the rendering, for two hours, of the three dance troupes, including the company “Arabesque” of Algeria, which intervened twice with its 18 ballerinas, two dances on the musics of, “Chams El Aâchiya”, (Andalusian heritage) and a theme on a cadenza “Zendali” (rhythmic chaouie), brilliantly arranged by Raouf Gadjeev.

The young ballerinas of the troupe “Arabesque” have highlighted their individual talents, including Celia Boudiaf, sketching, as a group together or separated with Adam Bouchouchi, unique dancer of the troupe, various aesthetic figures performed with grace, in movements and gestures aired, appreciated by the public who has long applauded the work of the company, led by a master hand, Fatma Zohra Namous Senouci, author and director of the program presented and Commissioner of the festival.

“Happy”, to be at the center of this 10th festival, the Ensemble “Raketa” of Russia, presented itself with five ballerinas and as many dancers, coming from “Nizhny Nougorod” (suburbs of Moscow) to deliver a full performance , designed in five paintings, mixing traditional dances with the contemporary genre of “Neo-Folk”.

In various brightly colored accoutrements, the dancers of the Raketa troupe expressed in movement a part of the Russian heritage, in a very physical performance, conducted on fast rates.

Portugal, then, intervened with the duo “Terratcha Flatland”, animated by Raminhos Pinheiro Nella and D’to Cruz Dias Fernando Jorge who presented in 60 minutes, a breathtaking show, dealing with adversity and the constraints of an impossible love . The Portuguese duo gave the audience a good moment of contemporary dance

In the presence of representatives of the Ministry of Culture and Diplomatic Missions accredited in Algiers, those of Russia, guest of honor, and of Portugal, animators of the inaugural evening in particular, the audience appreciated beautiful poems in movement , savoring every moment of the evening with joy and voluptuousness.

In addition to the Algerian troops, ensembles from Russia, Mali, Hungary, Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, France, Spain, Portugal, Syria and Ukraine, take part in the 10th International Cultural Festival of Contemporary Dance of Algiers which continues until November 13.



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