Presidential Election: Candidates unveil major lines of electoral platforms


ALGIERS- The Constitutional Council, after having ruling on the appeals, approved Saturday the final list of the candidates of the 12 December presidential election, confirming the five candidates already selected by the National Independent Authority for Elections (ANIE).


 Indeed, the confirmed list includes President of Al-Moustakbel Front party Abdelaziz Belaid, President of Talaie El Houriyet party Ali Benflis, President of El-Bina Movement Abdelkader Bengrina, Former Prime Minister Abdelmadjid Tebboune, and Interim General Secretary of the National Democratic Rally Azzedine Mihoubi.

Before the launch of the electoral campaign, set for on November, 17th,   the five candidates are already unveiling the major lines of their electoral platforms.

During their different meetings with media, they insisted on urging the Algerian people to go massively to the polls on December12th.

During a news conference, candidate Azzedine Mihoubi called on the Algerians and youth in particular to vote “in masse,” thanking all those who supported him.

As for him, candidate Abdelkader Bengrina committed to “remain faithful to the message of November 1st and the slogans of the Hirak (popular movement),” pledging he would be “the president of the poor, the marginalized categories and the investors prevented to invest in Algeria but also the president of all the regions of the country without exclusion.”

As for him, candidate Ali Benflis wished the 12 December presidential election “to take place in calm,” calling on the Algerians to vote in masse to “choose the candidate they see capable of running the country.”

Candidate Abdelaziz Belaid hoped that the coming presidential election would be constitute a “national feast for Algeria,” while candidate Abdelmadjid Tebboune has predicted a “very acceptable” turnout, adding that this election would enable the country to “counter the dangers it faces.”

In this regard, president of the National Independent Authority for Elections (ANIE) Mohamed Charfi, had told a news conference, the commitment of the Authority to ensure that the Dec. 12 Presidential Election is “regular and democratic,” highlighting that “its members are mobilized to preserve the choice of the people “.




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