10th Fica: Projection of “Fatwa”, film denouncing rise of extremism in Tunisia


ALGIERS- The feature film “Fatwa”, bloody story of a Tunisian family plagued by religious obscurantism and the violence experienced by this country after the fall of the regime in  2011, directed by Mahmoud Ben Mahmoud , was projected Saturday night to the public Algiers.

Lasting 102 minutes, this film was presented to the jury of the feature film section of the 10th International Film Festival of Algiers (Fica), which has been held since Thursday in the rooms of the Ryadh El Feth Office.

This fiction tells the story of Brahim, a Tunisian living in France who returns home to bury his son Marouane who died in a motorcycle accident.

judging that the circumstances of his son’s death remain opaque he decides to go back over the last three years of his son.

Discovering that his late son was fighting in an Islamist group, Brahim questions his ex-wife, MP and activist against rising religious extremism in Tunisia, and discovers that she was sentenced to death by this group after the publication of her book and that her own son had threatened her before leaving the family home. Installed in his son’s former apartment, Brahim questions the report on his son’s death and indoctrination, who was a student of the fine arts . By this work, the director shows the full extent and power of indoctrination that pushes a young painter to threaten his own mother.

The film, taking place in 2013, is based on indoctrination and the rise of extremism in addition to the resistance of Tunisian civil society and citizens.

Inaugurated on Thursday, the 10th Fica continues with the program of the competition of films like: “The Bolduc” of the Canadian François Bouvier, “Yuli” of the Spanish Iciar Bollain, and  “Landscapes autumn of the Algerian Merzak Allouache.


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