☔️ Special Weather Forecast Bulletin: Torrential rains, gusty winds to blow through 26 provinces with increased risk of floods


Torrential rains and gusty winds will blow through different provinces of the country, as of today, Sunday,November, 10, 2019, according to a special weather report (BMS) issued by the services of the National Office of Meteorology.

The accumulation can reach 100mm on the provinces of Bejaia, Jijel and Skikda. Heavy rains and hailstorms will continue to affect the provinces of the central and western parts of the country and will gradually and intensively hit the provinces of the East in the evening.

The concerned Central provinces are: Tipaza, Ain Defla, Algiers, Boumerdes, Blida, Medea, Bouira and Tizi-Ouzou. The bulletin validity until 23:00. The cumulative rainfall will be between 30 and 50mm.

The concerned western provinces are : Tlemcen, Ain Temouchent, Oran, Mascara, Saida, Sidi Bel Abbes, Relizane and Tiaret. The bulletin validity until tomorrow at 03:00. The cumulations of rain will be between 20 and 50mm.

The concerned Eastern provinces are:  are Annaba, El-Tarf, Souk Ahras, Constantine, Mila, Setif, Bordj Bou Arreridj, Bejaia, Jijel and Skikda. Rains are expected as of 21:00 and will continue until tomorrow, Monday at 21:00.

The accumulations of rain will be between 30 and 50mm, except for the provinces of Bejaia, Jijel and Skikda, where the accumulations will vary between 80 and 100mm, with an increased risk of floods.


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