Army’s position driven by need to preserve Algeria’s security, stability


ALGIERS –The “Army’s constant position, during this pivotal period, stemmed from its strong conviction of the need for safeguarding the security, stability and sovereignty of Algeria, as part of the constitutional legality,” Lieutenant General Ahmed Gaïd Salah, Deputy Minister of National Defence, Chief of Staff of the People’s National Army (ANP) said Thursday in Algiers, quoted by National Defence Ministry’s communiqué.


The Lieutenant General Gaïd Salah delivered a statement at the opening session of colloquium on theme of the “Army’s role and place in the society.”

In this respect, he said that the Army has accompanied the Algerian people in the achievement of their aspirations to materialize the so-awaited-for national project,  as it was intended by the courageous martyrs. It has also protected the State and its institutions, again reaffirming that it has nationalist conviction, its composition is from the people and its principles and values are drawn on November revolution.”

“This position confirms that our Army is authentic and that its members are the people’s sons, genuinely bearing its name, the National People’s Army,” he added.

Affirming that “the conscience of the Algerian people substantially grew, precisely in these circumstances, finding in the ANP, worthy heir to the National Liberation Army (ALN) and its Nationalist Command, the utmost support and a favourable reaction to their demands,” he said that this “further consolidated the interactive relationship between the Army and all components of the Algerian society.”

“After the recovery of national sovereignty, old and ancient enemies have realized that the Army, a natural continuation of the ALN, has managed to thwart their gruesome schemes, has the same values and principles and defends the national interests only,” he argued.

Lieutenant General Ahmed Gaïd Salah recalled that the “Army has experienced major change in terms of restructuring, training and armament and demonstrated efficiency in the accomplishment of its missions, notably the building and the protection of the national economy.

This role made of it a target of ferocious campaigns through debates led by doubtful circles on the role and the place of the Army in the society.”




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