Inchad Festival: Syrian Mounchid Abdelkrim Chadi subjugates Algerian public


CONSTANTINE – The Syrian Mounchid Abdelkrim Chadi, on Saturday, offered a memorable performance to the audience of the Mohamed-Tahar Fergani Regional Theater in Constantine, during the third evening of the 8th edition of the International Festival of Inchad.



A regular at the festival, the mounchid from Haleb has once again given full measure of his immense talent to sing the praises of the Seal of the Prophets (QSSSL) and his message of love, peace and mercy for humanity.

With a warm and powerful voice, the Mounchid Abdelkrim Chadi accompanied by the national symphonic orchestra sang poems drawn from the heritage of his country and that of the Arab countries subjugating the audience.

The artist declared, at the end of his concert, he was “happy” to be once again on the stage of the international festival of inchad that coincides this year with the celebration of the 65th anniversary of the outbreak of the National Liberation War (November 1954) and intervenes only a few days from Mawlid Ennabaoui.


The first part of the evening showed the performance of the winner of the first Arab contest prize of the Mounchid of El Shariqah (United Arab Emirates), the young Algerian, Kamel Rezouk.

The son of Oued Souf province, presented for the first time to the public, his work ” Mazel El Hal ‘to be released in January 2020, before paying homage to the host city and singing all his love for his hometown.

Expected to continue until November 3, the 8th edition of the international festival of inchad will be animated by the artist Mohamed Gim Saw of the troupe ” Nour Essalem ” of Senegal  with the duet Abderrahmane Bouhbila and Nacer Mirouh of Constantine.





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