Vladimir Putin congratulates Bensalah on occasion of commemoration of 65th anniversary of Revolution


ALGIERS- President of the Federal Republic of Russia Vladimir Putin delivered a congratulatory message to President Abdelkader Bensalah on the occasion of the commemoration of the 65th anniversary of the outbreak of the Glorious Revolution of November 1st. 1954, in which he noted the “friendly and constructive” character of the relations between Algeria and Russia.


“Relations between Russia and Algeria are friendly and constructive,” said Putin in his message read on his behalf by the Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Russia in Algeria, Igor Beliaev, on occasion of a concert of music organized at the Opera of Algiers, in a mixed interpretation between the harmonic ensemble of the Algerian Republican Guard and the Central Orchestra of the Russian Ministry of Defense as part of the commemorative festivities of November 1, 1954 .

“The friendly and constructive relationship between the two countries was confirmed by our meeting in Sochi”, on the sidelines of the first Russia-Africa summit (24-25 October 2019), Putin said in his message.

President Putin, who renewed at the end of his message his “wishes for health and prosperity to the Head of State and the Algerian people,” stressed that “I remain convinced that through the combination of our efforts, we will continue the dialogue between Algeria and Russia as well as bilateral cooperation in various fields, in the service of our peoples and the consolidation of stability and peace in Africa and the Middle East “.



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