About 80 works on Revolution at 6th Visual Arts Exhibition


OUARGLA- About 80 art works on the Algerian Revolution by professional and amateur visual artists were presented at the 6th National Visual Arts Exhibition inaugurated Thursday at the arts centre Moufdi Zakaria in Ouargla.

Coinciding with the celebration of the 65th anniversary of the outbreak of the glorious Revolution of November 1, 1954, this artistic event which brings together for three days, visual artists from different regions of the country, will allow participants to discover  works  and paintings on the epics of the Revolution, in addition, participants will be able to exchange their artistic experiences, said the president of the animation service at the House of Culture, Razika Khadraoui.

The exhibition will also allow the public to discover the world of visual arts, including artistic trends, miniatures and Arabic calligraphy, she added.

The program of this national event includes, on the sidelines of the exhibition, a conference  by visual artists, in addition to tourist tours in honor of the participants.

The House of Culture of Ouargla includes a club composed of dozens of plastic artists, both sexes, providing introductory courses in drawing, calligraphy and miniature.



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