Head of State calls on information professionals to assume their role


ALGIERS-Head of the State, Abdelkader Bensalah, called Tuesday on professionals in the information sector to “assume their role at this crucial juncture, where none of them are aware of the issues at stake.”


“I call on all professionals in the information sector and national elites to assume their role at this crucial juncture, which no one is aware of,” said Bensalah in a message on the occasion of the National Press Day celebration.

Welcoming “the efforts of public and private information sectors to ensure professionalism and sense of responsibility over any tendency of exacerbation and division, the Head of State said that this reflects the journalistic maturity and genuine patriotic belonging of our  journalists and their glowing jealousy towards their motherland, intrinsically hostile to any attack on national sovereignty and people’s unity,” he said.

After noting the undeniable contribution of journalists from the various national media, Bensalah referred to “the support of the public authorities efforts, which have constantly mobilized all available means in this difficult situation to meet the society’s concerns and translate State policy into practice through social provisions and measures aimed at improving the living conditions, taking charge of youth and mobilizing more resources for the benefit of southern regions and High Plateaus “as well as “promoting and broadening political dialogue through discussion circles, programmes, interviews and other forms of journalistic work in line with the country’s current situation.”

He noted, in the same vein, “the strong willingness of the country’s institutions and bodies to enure the suitable conditions for Algeria’s transition to a new era.”


Conditions met for presidential election of December 12th      


Head of State Abdelkader Bensalah added that all the conditions are met for the organization of the presidential election on December 12th “notably for the achievement of one of teh main demands of our people, during their peaceful and civilizational Hirak (movement).”

In his message on the occasion of the National Press Day, the head of the State said “our country is obviously living through hard times, but the solutions are  possible through all what has been guaranteed for the holding of the December 12 presidential election, notably for the accomplishment of the largest part of the people’s  demands. Those solutions have been made possible through the response of State institutions and the support of the People’s National Army which has spared no efforts to fully and effectively accomplish its constitutional missions.”

In the “moment when our country, supported by the adherence of the majority of our people, is preparing to hold the presidential election, I would like to express my gratitude to our Army, and its Command, which endeavored to protect Algeria from all dangerous maneuvers and stand by the Algerian people,” he said.

Renewing the “commitment of the State to firmly stopping all attempts aiming at insidiously disturbing the electoral process and spreading confusion among the Algerian People,” Bensalah urged the citizens with “national awakening to vote in massive numbers to elect a president of the Republic and build its institutions in a new Algeria, capable of taking up current challenges, at the domestic, regional and international levels.”




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