Presidential election is the real issue towards a new Republic


AIN TEMOUCHENT – The Secretary General of the National Organization of the Children of Mujahideen, Khalfa Mebarek, said, on Saturday in Ain Temouchent, that “the upcoming presidential election is the real way forward for future prospects and a new Republic”.

Chaired by a regional conference of ONEM wilayas secretaries in the western part of the country, on the occasion of the National Emigration Day, Khalfa Mebarek stressed that the presidential election of December 12 will be a “real issue “for a new Republic, calling all the children of the revolutionary family and the people to go to the polls en masse.

“We are in the forefront of Hirak and we support the will and sovereignty of the people guaranteed by the Constitution,” insisted the ONEM SG, stressing that “all authority must draw strength from the people.”

However, Khalfa Mebarek, warned against “some infiltrators in this movement, adding:” we gave our point of view at the national conference held at the Palais des congrès answering the call of the Algerian state, its head Abdelkader Bensalah “.

“Those who claim that our organization has failed in the dialogue and the call of the motherland, we ask them to review their calculations,” he said.

The Secretary General of ONEM reiterated his support for the National People’s Army  “worthy heir to the glorious National Liberation Army”, declaring “we are committed to directing our vision towards future horizons  “.

Khalfa Mebarek called, incidentally, to unify the ranks of the revolutionary family and to overcome conflicts to forge a strong will to face all the difficulties.

The ONEM SG seized the opportunity of the conference to highlight the sacrifices made by the people through the demonstrations of October 17, 1961 having extended the Revolution of Aures, Djurdjura and Hoggar in the heart of France and moved international public opinion.





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