Oum Tboul border crossing (El Tarf): Seizure of 13,410 psychotropic tablets


EL TARF- No less than 13,410 psychotropic tablets were seized, at the border post of Oum T’boul, (El Tarf) by the services of the Divisional Inspection of Customs, under the territorial jurisdiction of the Regional Directorate of Customs of Annaba, said, on Sunday, the communication officer of this body of security.

The merchandise was found concealed in the fuel tank of a vehicle, registered in Algeria from Tunisia, said Belkheri Asma.

The suspicious behavior of the occupants of the vehicle prompted the customs officers to comb through their vehicle and discover this significant amount of hallucinogenic products.

The accused will be prosecuted for the importation of prohibited goods “, a punishable offense under Articles 21 and 325 of the Customs Code, the same source noted.



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