Front El-Moustakbal: “the people, only guarantor of an honest presidential election”


TINDOUF – President of the El-Moustakbal Front, Abdelaziz Belaid, said Saturday in Tindouf that “the people are the only guarantor of an honest presidential election”.

“The people must show wisdom and block the way to fraudsters to ensure the smooth running and the transparent conduct of the presidential election, scheduled for December 12,” said Mr. Belaid, at a meeting held at the popular youth house Redouane Bastami of Tindouf, in the presence of activists and sympathizers of his political formation.

He argued that “dialogue is the best way to get the country out of the crisis”, saying: “the current situation requires awareness, wisdom and a real diagnosis of the crisis”.

The political solution implies “the contribution of all through a constructive dialogue and consensus on national figures elected in a transparent manner in all regions of the country”, he noted.

Candidate for the presidential election, Abdelaziz Belaid, who described the “power that had ruled the country as a bastion of corruption,” recalling that the Algerians went out into the street last February, “not to raise their social problems”, but to “defend their dignity after seeing a political tragedy and a real slippage”.

“The El-Moustakbel Front is a party that rejects all forms of violence and has no adversaries on the national political scene,” said Belaid, adding that these states “are likely to give hope to Algerians, to help ensure honest elections and to elect a suitable president for Algeria “.

The official, on this occasion, invited supporters of the Front El-Moustakbel to publicize the program of his political party, which aims, he said, “to change attitudes, reform failed policies, as well as weak governance mechanisms and replace them with efficient policies that can provide solutions to the political crisis and boost the national economy while giving due importance to the southern regions, which are fertile ground for building strong economy ”.

Reiterating his party’s belief in Algeria’s foreign policy of supporting the rights of peoples to self-determination, Mr. Belaid highlighted the position of his political party calling for the liberation of the last colony of Africa and the consecration of the right of self-determination to the Saharawi people.

The president of the Front El-Moustakbal has, at the end of his speech, called the Algerians to go massively to the polls on the day of the next presidential election “to bar the road to critics from inside and outside the Algeria and lead the country to a peaceful shore.





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