24th International Algiers Book Fair: Priority to young authors


ALGIERS- The 24th international Book Fair of Algiers (SILA), to be held from October 30 to November 9, has decided to honor young talents and winners of Algerian and foreign literary prizes. 


According  to  the  programme,  some  1030  publishing  houses, 300  of  them  Algerian, are  expected to  display  nearly  183 000  titles  in  the  exhibition  center  of  Algiers.

A  conference  on  history,  entitled  “1919:  Algeria  in  the  face  of  freedom  and  century’s challenges ” is  on  agenda  this  year,  among  other  conferences  on  literature,  theatre,  melhoun poetry  and  comic  strip.

The  2019  book  fair’s  guest  of  honour  Senegal  will  be  represented  by  authors  like  Hamidou  Sall,  Khallil  Diallo,  Rahmatou  Seck  Samb,  and  Abdoulaye  Racine  Senghor.

A  meeting  between  Algerian  and  Senegalese  publishers  is  scheduled  for  the  end  of  the  fair.



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