World Food Day: Agriculture, food sector par excellence


ALGIERS- Minister of Agriculture, Rural Development and Fishing Cherif Omari underlined Thursday, in Algiers, that agriculture is a food sector par excellence where farmers, breeders and fishers work to ensure all the elements of a balanced diet.

Mr. Omari made this statement at the celebration of the World Food Day he chaired and attended by members of the Government, representatives of the diplomatic corps in Algiers, the representative of FAO in Algiers, representatives of UN organizations and international cooperation agencies in Algiers, executives from different sectors as well as professional representatives and civil society.

Among other indicators that have made this sector a top priority in the development strategy in Algeria, the increase in production efficiency, the increase in investments, the improvement of the rate of coverage of national needs as well as the gradual reduction in imports, according to the Minister.

“These positive results” have allowed Algeria to occupy top positions in the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) rankings for the Human Development Index and to be a pioneer in the achievement of Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), Omari added.

With regard to production indicators, the results show growth averages, particularly in strategic sectors, such as cereals, milk, legumes, fruits and vegetables.

In addition to production, farmers and producers have also proved their ability to meet the challenge of diversifying the national economy through exports. The sector has recently registered access of the national product to world markets, in various continents, with superior quality and competition.

Fight against waste

For Mr. Omari, the preservation of our planet and the safeguarding of our ecosystems and our biodiversity are major challenges that require solving the equation of the gap between wealth and poverty and between abundance and scarcity.

Regarding World Food Day, under the theme “Acting for the Future: Healthy Eating for a Zero Hunger World”, the Minister of Agriculture said the theme for this year was “everyone’s food”, including leaders in organizations and administrations, questioning the responsibility of the present generation for future generations.

Referring to the waste of food and water during production processes, at the level of distribution networks or consumption, the first person in charge of the sector called for intensifying awareness campaigns in this field to overcome this phenomenon.

Regarding the waste of bread, of which large quantities are thrown daily according to the data, including white bread made from flour made from soft wheat, Mr. Omari praised the work carried out in coordination between specialized institutes, the sectors concerned, experts in food health and consumer rights associations to find alternatives that reduce the consumption of this type of bread and thereby fight against the waste of this product, but also to reduce the import invoice for common wheat used in the production of breadmaking flour.



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