ANIE: Provincial delegates installed, trained


ALGIERS-Chairman of the National Independent Authority for Elections (ANIE), Mohamed Charfi announced that the authority had completed the installation of delegates in the country’s 48 provinces and had started a training session for them on the “new rules” of the electoral process.

In a statement to the press on the sidelines of a training session for provincial delegates, Mr. Charfi said that ANIE had finalized the installation operation of the 48 delegates and started a two-day training session around the “new rules governing their work”.

“Several reference documents have been developed to enable these delegates to carry out their activities in the field,” he said, adding that this training session “is framed by the members of the authority and certain national competencies in different administrations with experience in managing the financial resources required on polling day. ”

In addition, the president of ANIE considered it necessary to ensure coordination between the various actors in order to make the next presidential term succeed, while ensuring that the transfer of powers from the different ministries to ANIE is effective and efficient, in accordance with the laws, to allow the smooth running of this presidential election “.

In the same vein, Mr. Charfi reported the development of a “charter of ethics” before the launch of the election campaign, noting that this project “is being prepared and that its details will be disclosed soon” .

In response to a question about the end of the deadlines for the periodic review of voters lists, Mr. Charfi said that the ANIE “receives echoes from some wilayas reporting a high influx of young people.

Concerning the offenses recorded by the representatives of the ANIE in some regions in the matter of the filling of the subscription forms of the individual signatures, Mr. Charfi affirmed that this case is currently “at the level of the justice” .

Assessing the work of ANIE since its creation, Mr. Charfi emphasized the promulgation of “18 resolutions considered as executive decrees according to the law”, adding that the recent resolutions have “brought more flexibility in the facilitation of operation of collecting signatures for the benefit of the candidates “.



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