Presidential election: Candidacy submission deadline set for October 26


ALGIERS-The National Independent Authority of Elections (ANIE) has set October 26 as the deadline for submitting candidacy forms for the Presidential elections, scheduled for December 12, the authority said Wednesday in a statement.


“In accordance with Article 140 of Organic Law N 16-10 of 25 August 2016 on the electoral system, amended and supplemented by Organic Law N 19-08 of 14 September 2019, the nomination paper must be submitted, at most later, within 40 days of the publication of the presidential decree convening the electoral body,” said the source.

“Thus, the last deadline for submitting applications for the Presidency of the Republic is set for 26 October 2019 at midnight, “said the same source.

On that occasion, the National Independent Authority of Elections recalled the conditions for candidacy “stipulated by article 87 of the Constitution, referring to other conditions in Organic Law N16-10 on the electoral system, amended and supplemented by Organic Law N19-08,pursuant to article 139, which requires the candidate himself/ herself to submit a declaration of candidacy for the presidency of the Republic to the National Independent Authority of Elections  against acknowledgement of receipt.

This declaration must contain the full name, signature, profession and address of the candidate, and be attached to a file consisting of the documents referred to in the above-mentioned article, in accordance with article 142 of the same law, which stipulates that “the candidate must submit at the same time the signature subscription forms legalized by a public officer.

The National Independent Authority of Elections invites candidates to “make an appointment in advance to take charge of and define the reception operation, and fill out a form containing the candidate’s personal details, as well as the vehicle numbers used to submit the subscription forms”, through one of the following telephone numbers: (21) 37.61.37 / 59.71.37 / 98.71.37 or by e-mail to : .






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