Algerians called to contribute to constitutional institution building


ALGIERS- Speaker of People’s National Assembly Slimane Chenine called Wednesday, in Algiers, the Algerians to “block the country’s detractors” by contributing to the building of the State’s institutions and the participation in the presidential election of 12 December 2019.

Speaking at the opening of a parliamentary day organized on the occasion of the national day of immigration, Mr. Chenine said that “the Algerians are called, in this sensitive situation, to mobilize to block the road to the detractors of the country through the effective and direct contribution to the building of constitutional institutions, via the massive participation in the next presidential “.

He said, in this regard, that this election will “have a major role in the establishment of stability which will start a new era of democracy, where the citizen becomes the source of all political legitimacy.”

These elections, he assured, “will reflect the true will of the people, who will no doubt be accompanied and protected by the National People’s Army (ANP), faithful to the oath of the Shuhada and the people,” adding that ” Algeria today needs all its children both inside and outside the country, who should contribute to the dynamics of our society, aspiring to the building of a democratic State where rights and justice will be assured. ”

He stressed the imperative of “finding new mechanisms to ensure the exploitation of these skills in the service of the country”, which requires “the revision of the legal arsenal and the search for new ways for their insertion, in addition to taking care of the concerns inherent to their country “.

Speaking on the national day of immigration, Mr. Chenine pointed out that the Algerian emigrants “demonstrated through their participation in the demonstrations against the French colonizer, on October 17, 1961 in Paris, their ability to overcome all the circumstances and situations to defend the country “.

He recalled, in this sense, the struggle of the Algerian emigrants for the liberation of the country, “in particular their efficient role to establish the foundations of the National Movement since the creation of the North African Star (ENA), the party of the Algerian People ( PPA) up to the Movement for the Triumph of Democratic Freedoms (MTLD) “.

Recalling “the great sacrifices and genocide perpetrated against the Algerian people”, he said that the positions of the former colonizer with regard to these crimes against humanity remain below the aspirations of Algerians, saying that it is acts of “imprescriptible crimes”.




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