Air Algerie at 126th ATAF General Assembly


ALGIERS- National airline company Air Algerie participated in the 126th General Assembly of the Association of Francophone Air Service Carriers (ATAF), held Saturday in Algiers, said Wednesday a communiqué of the national company.

Some 160 participants took part in this General Assembly including representatives of French-speaking airlines and partners from the world of aeronautics, said the same source.

The agenda of the meeting focused on current topics such as; the modernization of air transport and the impact of new aircraft on air transport developed by Air France Experts and BOEING, MITSUBISCHI, EMBERAER and AERCAP .

The airline training needs of airlines have been developed by 03 training organizations accredited by ATAF and IATA.

During this forum, Air Algerian President and CEO Bakouche Alleche said that “the world of civil aviation was going through a very difficult crisis, which saw the disappearance of several companies”.

Mr. Allèche, on this occasion, presented the strategy and vision of Air Algerie to deal with this “crisis that shakes the world of air”, wishing that the work of ATAF provides a “light on the situation “and that the solutions chosen by each company will enable them to overcome the negative effects of the crisis.

This forum was an opportunity for the leaders of these French-speaking companies to meet again and share the issues, the most important of which are the training and modernization of air transport.

Note that it is for the fourth time that the national pavilion hosts the General Assembly of ATAF in Algeria.

The main mission of ATAF is to promote cooperation between French-speaking airlines and the development of air transport by: boosting the strengths of member airlines, strengthening solidarity within the framework of the encouragement of establishment of a fruitful dialogue between the member companies as well as with their respective supervisory authorities.



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