Fight against crime: strengthen coordination with security partners


ALGIERS – The Director General of the National Security, Khelifa Ounissi put forward, Tuesday in Oran, the imperative to reinforce the coordination with the security partners in the fight against the crime, by activating the channels of communication with the citizen for the involve in the security equation, said a statement from the Directorate General of National Security (DGSN).

President Ounissi, chairing an orientation meeting at the Oran wilaya Police Force, with the police officers and staff of the various operational services in the western region, stressed “the importance of strengthening coordination with security partners by activating channels of communication with the citizen, the various structures, the representatives of the civil society and the companies activating in the field of the sensitization in order to implicate the citizen in the equation security able to protect society against any kind of crime “.

“The security services will work decisively to deal with crime in all its forms through skilled human resources, modern training and sophisticated means,” he said, emphasizing “the importance of consolidating the security presence of the police throughout the national territory to ensure global security coverage “.

In this regard, the Director-General praised “the efforts of the elements of the police for the protection of citizens and property”, calling for “greater efforts”. He also welcomed the professionalism of the police officers who perform their duties in accordance with the Constitution. ”

He, also, assured that “the assumption of responsibility for the social and health aspect of the personnel of the National Security, the rights holders and retirees of this body, is among the priorities in order to stimulate the number of the police in order to accomplish their missions effectively and instil in them the spirit of belonging to the police “.

In the presence of Kamel Beldjoud, the Minister of Housing, Town Planning and the City, and Abdelkader Djellaoui,  Oran wali, Mr. Ounissi handed over certificates of allocation of AADL housing to the benefit of 335 police officers (all ranks), eligible and retired, working in the west of the country.



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