Several national figures’ seven proposals to end crisis


Former communications minister Abdelaziz Rahabi revealed yesterday in the 60 ‘political broadcast to have launched a new crisis-resolution initiative with several national figures.

The national figures issued a statement in which they presented their vision of the end of the crisis and made proposals. The statement includes seven proposals to exit the crisis that has been simmering for some months in Algeria.

The national figures put on the table seven proposals for the end of the crisis:

-Satisfaction of claims relating to the departure of remaining symbols of fallen power, and dismantling of networks of corruption in all its forms.

– Immediate and unconditional release of prisoners of conscience: young and old, Hirak students and activists,

-Respect of the constitutional right to demonstrate peacefully, removal of all obstacles,.

– Freedom of expression in all media, including the public and private audiovisual spaces.

-High barriers to peaceful popular marches and access to the capital must be removed.

-Cessation of illegal prosecutions and arrests of political activists.

-Invitation to a serious and responsible dialogue of all parties favorable to these claims.



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