Next presidential election to steer country out of current crisis


TAMANRASSET-Chairman of the National Independent Authority for Elections (ANIE), Mohamed Charfi said Monday in Tamanrasset that the upcoming presidential election “will contribute to steering the country out of the current crisis.”   

Speaking at the installation ceremony of ANIE’s province delegation, held in the capital of Ahaggar in the presence of representatives of civil society and notables of the region, Mr. Charfi stressed that ” the presidential election of 12 December will help to lift the country out of its current crisis “.

“The ANIE project is inspired by the will of the people and tends to organize free elections to choose a President capable of assuming this responsibility,” said the president of the National Independent Electoral Authority.

Referring to the circumstances of the creation of ANIE, Mr. Charfi said that this body enjoys “total independence” and intervenes in a particular conjuncture that crosses the country, which obliges, he said, ” the people to assume their responsibilities ”.

“The choice of the delegates of the National Independent Electoral Authority is the result of a series of consultations with all actors of civil society,” he pointed out.

The ANIE delegation of Tamanrasset province is chaired by Lakhdar Badi, a member of the National Pension Fund, assisted by four other members.



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