Irrigation: Subsidiary of Group IMETAL launches innovative products


ALGIERS – The National Company of Tubes and Processing of Flat Products (ANABIB), subsidiary of Group IMETAL just launch modern and innovative products in irrigation, the company said Saturday in a release.


These products, presented at the International Exhibition of Agriculture, Livestock and Agro-equipment (SIPSA-Filaha 2019), held from October 7 to 10 in Algiers, focus on an irrigation pivot, which can operate to photovoltaic energy and equipped with a remote control for remote management as well as a module of a multi-chapel greenhouse, as a prototype of a product “made in Algeria”, “Anabib”

These two modern products have been developed by the IRRAGRIS unit, located in Bordj-Bou-Ariridj, specialized in irrigation and plasticulture products, according to the same source that emphasized that the use of solar energy has been developed in partnership with the UDES / CDER Solar Equipment Development Unit, through a prototype of a photovoltaic kit that can run, on a trial basis, a 4-hectare hub for a duration of 4 hours.

From 2020, Anabib “will be able to present a complete solution of its range for all its customers, in particular in the South of the country, to replace the other expensive solutions”, announced the company.

Anabib also presented, at the same show, a range of semi-products related to irrigation, manufactured locally while they were fully imported before.

This local production has allowed a gain in foreign currency of some 200,000 euros in 2019, welcomed the company, recalling that this technological effort “was perfectly in line with the government’s approach to reduce the bill of imports, through the encouragement of local industrial integration “.

The multi-chapel greenhouse, which will be manufactured in Algeria through a partnership with a Spanish company, international leader in the field, was also presented at Sipsa-Filaha.




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