11th International Cultural Festival of Symphonic Music opens in Algiers


ALGIERS- The 11th International Cultural Festival of Symphonic Music, opened Saturday in Algiers featuring the Symphonic Orchestra of Algiers Opera, under the direction of Lotfi Saidi, and featuring Swiss-Cuban singer Ana Hasler, Algerian Imad Eddine Eddouh, and Ranime choir conducted by Wieme Benamar Hammouda.

A program of twenty pieces of different genres has been prepared for the inaugural evening of the festival, scheduled until October 17 at the Opera of Algiers Boualem-Bessaïh, with the participation of more than sixty musicians, under the direction of Lotfi Saïdi.

Light Cavalry “by Franz Van Suppé (1819-1895),” Arlesian -suite No2- “and” Toreador “by Georges Bizet (1838-1875) and” Danse No8 “by Antonin Leopold Dvorak (1841-1904) were on the agenda.

The young Algerian tenor Imad Eddine Eddouh, for his part, interpreted with a present and worked voice, “Surdato Nnammurato” by Enrico Cannio (1874-1949), before investing, with Ana Hasler, in a long duet applauded by the audience.

The forty or so singers from the ensemble “Ranime”, directed by Wieme Benamar Hammouda, intervening before the end of the show, performed local pieces of Algerian music “.

The voices of Amrane Lounas and Nour El Houda Ghenoumat were showcased in melodic solos.

It is worth mentioning that the representatives of the various diplomatic missions accredited to Algiers of the countries participating in the festival, were in attendance.

With a schedule of two to three concerts a night, the festival has planned on the sidelines of shows, masters-class programmed at the National Institute of Music (Insm).

Organized under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture, in collaboration with the Opera of Algiers Boualem-Bessaïh, the National Office for Copyright and Neighboring Rights (Onda) as well as the contribution of the various embassies of the participating countries , the 11th International Festival of Symphonic Music will run till October 17.





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