ARAV commits to fulfill its role to ensure success of presidential election


ALGIERS- Broadcasting Regulatory Authority (ARAV) on Monday emphasized its commitment to play its role in the presidential election of December 12, in coordination with the National Independent Authority on Elections, to guarantee the success of the poll, a crucial event in the history of the nation.

“The ARAV will fulfill its role, as part of its missions set out in law 04-14, to ensure the success of the presidential election, a crucial rendez-vous in the history of the nation, and in accordance with the organic law 07-19 which provides for in its article 8 a coordination with the independent national authority of the elections (ANIE), underlined the ARAV in a communiqué.

The ARAV expressed confidence that the various public and private national audio-visual media will be at the “rendez-vous”, in view of the content of their media message, namely “the objectivity, the impartiality and the rejection of provocation and alarmism “, and” will be at the height of this event which represents the concretization of the constitutional solution to the crisis that the country knows, through the election of a President of the Republic enjoying the popular legitimacy to exercise his/her various constitutional prerogatives, and guide the country towards the realization of the reforms planned in the various fields so as to strengthen the unity of the people and to boost the process of global development “.

In the same context, the ARAV considered that the next presidential “is a crucial step being the constitutional solution of a multidimensional crisis”, welcoming the creation of the ANIE that “meets the principle of sovereignty of the people through free, transparent, pluralistic and loyal elections that reflect the will of the people and their real choice “.



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