Algerian runner Toufik Makhloufi snatches silver medal at World Champion 1500m in Doha


Algerian runner Toufik Makhloufi won the silver medal of the 1500 meters at the World Athletics Championships in Doha, Qatar on Sunday evening.

The runner, Toufik Makhloufi, was second in the final, with a Chrono of 3:31:38.

The Kenyan runner Timothy Cheruiyot won gold after topping the 1500m with a Chrono of 3: 29:26.

The bronze medal was won by the Polish runner Marcin Lewandowski, with a Chrono of 3:31:46.

Algerian athletics have returned from afar, where no runners have climbed onto the podium since Essa Djabbir Said Karni won the 800m gold medal in the French version of Paris in the summer of 2003.

The world athletics championships will end on Sunday evening, with Algeria participation with six runners and winning the silver in the 1500m race by Toufik Makhloufi.


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