Launch of the 5th edition of Assia Djebar’s Grand Prize


ALGIERS – The organizers of the Grand Prize Assia Djebar of the novel have announced the launch of its 5th edition, with the start of the reception of selected works until the deadline of October 20, said a letter published on the official website dedicated to this prize.

The opportunity is offered to Algerian writers in the three languages, namely: Arabic, Tamazight and French, to present their books and participate in this prize which devotes for each category, a reward estimated at 700,000 AD, a drop of 300,000 AD compared to the value of the prize awarded during the first four editions.
This prize is intended primarily for Algerian publishers who have published novels of Algerian writers, as is allowed to authors who have published, at their own expense, their own works, to take part in the prize.

The jury receives from the publisher eight copies for each title, while the date of its delivery has not yet been fixed.

The Assia Djebar Grand Prize of the novel was instituted in 2015 by the National Communication, Publishing and Advertising Company (ANEP) and the National Graphic Arts Company (ENAG).

This prize was awarded to 12 writers including Merzak Bagtache, Djamel Mati, Abdelwahab Aissaoui, Samir Kacimi, and novelist Nahed Boukhalfa, winner of the latest edition in Arabic Language, besides Mhenni Khelifi in Tamazight, and Ryad Girod in French.

The prize is named after Assia Djebar (1936-2015), an Algerian French-speaking and academic woman of letters (elected at the Académie Française in 2005), with several works and contributions in the field of cinema and cinema criticism as well as prestigious international awards.



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