Culinary art at opening of South Korean Cultural Week in Algeria


ALGIERS- The 5th South Korean Cultural Week kicked off Sunday, in Algiers, with the organization of several activities relating to the South Korea’s gastronomy.

The kickoff of this edition was given at the ambassador’s residence on the heights of the capital where an exhibition of the most famous dishes in South Korea was organized, reflecting the long history of this cuisine, known locally under the name “Hansik”, as well as its diversity and richness by the use of vegetables, mountain grasses and seaweed, in addition to fish, meat, spices and rice which is an essential element in most dishes, even drinks.

Among the most representative dishes of South Korean cuisine is the “Kimchi”, the first national dish among South Koreans because of its history that goes beyond the thousand years and the ways of its preparation that differs from one region to one other.

Also worthy of mention are the dishes of “Bulgogi”, “Japchae” and “Chimaek” as well as several local noodle dishes, according to the exhibition which shows through books and prints that they go back to the old time of the kings of South Korea.

As part of this same opening day, a competition on the preparation of the “Bibimbap” meal was organized, with the participation of Algerian students already registered on the Internet.

The South Korean cultural week in Algeria continues until next Saturday with the organization of various cultural and sports activities.



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