7th Malhun Festival kicks off in Mostaganem


MOSTAGANEM- The 7th Festival of Algerian Popular Poetry “Malhun,” devoted to Sidi Lakhdar Benkhelouf, kicked off Wednesday evening in Mostaganem.

Sheltered by the regional theater “Djilali Ben Abdelhalim”, the opening ceremony of this cultural event was marked by the presentation of a musical piece of the composer Amine Cheikh reviewing several poetic works of the pillars of Melhoun as well as Lakhdar Benkhelouf, Abdelaziz Elouazani, Sheikh El Souiri, Mohamed Benguitoun, Kaddour Benachour, Hadj El Miloud Elchokrani and many others.

In the opening address read on behalf of the festival commissioner, Mr. Noureddine Addad said that this “cultural event is an opportunity to reiterate the importance of exploiting Melhoun’s poetry as a treasure trove of history of the nation”.

“Thanks to science and knowledge, the festival has become an important link in the cultural and literary production chain in Mostaganem and a meeting place for poets, musicians and researchers,” he added.

The opening night also saw the presentation of a documentary film about Sheik Belkacem Ould Said (1883-1945) retracing his artistic career and his contribution in the safeguarding of the Melhoun folk heritage.

The second day of this event will see the organization of a national symposium on the contribution of Melhoun poetry in history with the participation of 12 teachers and researchers from several wilayas of the country.



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