Emergency measures to deal with problems of El Hadjar complex


ALGIERS- Several emergency measures were decided at the Interministerial Council, chaired Tuesday by Prime Minister Noureddine Bedoui, to deal with the problems of the steel complex Sider-El Hadjar, according to a statement from the Prime Minister Office.


This meeting, which was attended by the Ministers of the Interior, Energy, Industry and Mines, Public Works and Transport, the Secretary General of the Ministry of Finance, a representative of the Ministry of Defense and the business leaders of the industrial and mining and transport, aims at “the rehabilitation of the activity of the El Hadjar complex, the flagship of the national industry, “Bedoui said, stressing the role and responsibility of all workers and those in charge of the complex to preserve it.

To immediately address the various obstacles to the operation of this complex, revive its activity according to the standards in force, develop its production capacity and promote the national product, it was decided to introduce the obligation for all companies in charge of the realization of public projects to supply their sites “exclusively” with iron produced locally, mainly from the complex of El Hadjar.

This condition will now be introduced in the specifications for any project financed by the Treasury, the statement added.

Within this framework and in order to ensure a daily monitoring of the state of implementation of these emergency measures planned for the El Hadjar complex and the mines of Ouenza and Boukhadra, it was decided to create a Interministerial Commission chaired by the Minister of Industry and Mines and composed of the sectors of National Defense, Interior, Finance, Energy, Trade, Public Works, Transport, Water Resources, Labor and Vocational Training, the statement pointed out.

This commission, which will be represented at the level of the wilayas of Annaba, Tebessa, Souk Ahras, Guelma and El Tarf, must be “pragmatic” and must present, each month, its periodic reports which will be examined during the interministerial meeting, added the same source.

In addition, it was decided during the meeting to mobilize all the intervening companies, including the Eastern Iron Mines (MFE) company, the El Hadjar complex and the National Railway Transport Company (SNTF) and the LOGITRANS group to guarantee the regular supply of the raw material complex and to avoid any disturbance in the production operation, by reinforcing logistical capacities through the mobilization of an additional freight train and land transport trucks.

In addition, the Minister of Transport was charged with accelerating the process of modernization and duplication of the new East mining line, in order to value the public investments launched and guarantee their sustainability and maintenance.




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