Presidential Elections 2019: Convocation of electorate, consecration of legitimacy


ALGIERS- Several political parties expressed, Monday, their satisfaction at the convening of the electorate by the head of state, Abdelkader Bensalah.

In this sense, the party of the National Liberation Front (FLN), said it was “very satisfied” with the decision of the head of state to convene the electoral body and set a date for the next presidential election, especially that it “agrees perfectly” with the party’s belief in “the imperative to respect constitutional legitimacy “.

The party welcomed, in addition, the guarantee of the conditions and the legal and legislative mechanisms necessary for the organization of a transparent and regular Presidential election, through the revision of the organic law bearing electoral system and the formation of an independent authority responsible for overseeing the entire electoral process.

The National Democratic Rally (RND) welcomed the decision of the Head of State to convene the electorate, in anticipation of the presidential election of December 12, 2019, saying that “after the process of dialogue that led to the adoption of new mechanisms, Algeria has taken a big step by adopting new mechanisms capable of devoting the will of the people, to preserve its voice and to make respect its will “.

“This kind of mechanism comes to crown a profound revision of the electoral law and the creation of an independent authority in charge of elections, thanks to the support of the National People’s Army (ANP) of this initiative through the constitutional path “, the party added in its statement, expressing” its optimism about Algeria’s ability to overcome this sensitive period that requires the mobilization of all its faithful children for the success of this election “.

For his part, the president of the El Islah Movement, Filali Ghouini said, during the work of the extraordinary session of the national office of this political group, the convening of the electorate “confirms the commitment of the State; the Presidency and the National People’s Army to implement the conclusions of the dialogue in order to allow the Algerian people to exercise their sovereignty to elect their president freely and transparently through an appropriate and credible electoral process “.

On this occasion, the same party “announced its decision to participate in the presidential election scheduled for December 12 with” efficiency and responsibility “, and through the form that will be decided by the council of the shura (consultative) whose extraordinary session will be held soon “.


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