Population census 2020: Strategic tool for shaping future public policies


ALGIERS – The 6th general population and housing census (RGPH), scheduled for 2020, will constitute a “strategic tool in shaping the future public policies,” Minister of the Interior, Local Assemblies and National Planning Salah Eddine Dahmoune said Monday in Algiers.


The minister chaired the first meeting of the national committee of the general population and housing census with Minister of Finance, Mohamed Loukal and officials from several ministries.

Dahmoune, also president of the committee, said the census  is a “strategic tool for the elaboration of the public policies,” which objective is to “improve the citizens’ living conditions, notably social, by defining shortcomings and needs.”

The census operation consists in collecting “accurate information which may constitute the basis of the public policy making process,” he said.

“All the ministries are required to identify the needs of the citizens” in order to “include them in national short- and long-term policies,” he added.

The minister said that Algeria planned to conduct a census in 2018, but it was postponed to 2020.

The “challenges posed by the current situation are not the result of the evolutions of our society,” the interior minister said, adding that the “main objective” of this operation is “building a comprehensive database of the indicators of a genuine economic growth and measuring its repercussions on environment.”

These indicators will serve to create “new momentum of development,” he said.

The “interior ministry, in coordination with local authorities and the National Statistics Office (ONS) oversee the preparations for the census operation. Instructions were given to governors to relaunch the provincial and municipal committees, and organize training sessions for their members, in anticipation of the launch of the census operation,” announced Dahmoune.

The finance minister stressed that census is “a tool to facilitate decision-making process for the authorities in all areas.”

The “Government is working to bring together” the best conditions “and the necessary means for the smooth running of this operation, he concluded.




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