Foreign trade: Deficit at USD4.41 billion in first 7 months of 2019


ALGIERS- Algeria’s trade deficit reaches USD4.41 billion in the first seven months of 2019 against USD3.05 billion in the same period in 2018, said the Algerian Customs.

Algerian exports reached US $ 21.64 billion (US $ bn) in the first seven months of 2019, compared to US $ 23.68 bn in the same period last year, a decrease of -8.59%, indicated provisional statistics of the Department of Customs Studies and Foresight (DEPD).

For imports, they reached 26.05 billion US dollars, against 26.73 billion US dollars, also registering a decrease of -2.52%.

From January to July, exports accounted for 83.07% of imports, compared to 88.59% in the same period last year.

Hydrocarbons accounted for the bulk of Algerian sales abroad during the first seven months of the current year, accounting for 93.02% of the total volume of exports, amounting to US $ 20.13 billion compared to  21.99 billion USD in the same period of 2018, down (-8.45%).

For non-hydrocarbon exports, they are still marginal, with 1.51 billion US dollars, which represents 6.98% of the global volume of exports, against 1.69 billion US dollars in the same period in 2018, down -10, 49%, specified data from the DEPD.

Exports excluding hydrocarbons consisted of semi-finished products with 1.13 billion US dollars (against 1.33 billion US dollars), down by -15.01%, food products with 238.86 million US dollars (against 224.80 million US dollars) up 6.25%, industrial capital goods with 62.53 million usd (against 57.14 million usd) up 9.43%.

They were also composed of gross products with 59.85 million usd against 58.01 million, up 3.16%, non-food consumer goods, with 22.52 million usd, against 21.92 million usd, up 2.74% compared to the same period of comparison, and finally agricultural equipment with 0.20 million usd against 0.09 million usd up more than 120%.

 Energy and lubricants: more than 53% drop in imports

In terms of imports, five of the seven commodity groups in the import structure declined in the first seven months of the current year and compared to the same period last year.

In fact, the energy and lubricants (fuels) group’s import bill fell by 53.01% to 331.22 million usd, compared to nearly 705 million usd.

Food goods, whose imports amounted to 4,873 billion USd against 5,177 billion usd, registering a decrease of -5,86%, according to Customs.

The same trend was recorded for agricultural equipment goods, which totaled 299.10 million usd, against 328.72 million usd (-9.01%), industrial equipment with 8.73 billion usd against 9, 15 billion USD (-4.55%) and finally consumer goods (non-food) with 3.88 billion USD against 3.90 billion USD (-0.50%).

In contrast, two groups of products in the import structure experienced increases during the comparison period.

In fact, imports of semi-finished products totaled 6.71 billion US dollars, against nearly 6.34 billion US dollars (+ 5.88%) and gross products reached 1.22 billion US dollars, compared to 1.12 billion US dollars. usd (+ 8.53%).

France, first customer of Algeria and China its first supplier

Regarding Algeria’s trading partners, during the first seven months of the current year, the country’s top five customers accounted for more than 53% of Algerian exports.

In this respect, France maintains its position as the country’s main customer with US $ 2.939 billion (13.58% of total Algerian exports), up 10.28%, followed by Italy with US $ 2.855 billion (13.2%). , 19%), Spain with 2.549 billion dollars (11.78%), the United States with 1.788 billion dollars (8.26%) and Turkey with 1.418 billion dollars (6.55%).

Regarding Algeria’s main suppliers, the top five accounted for more than 50% from January to July.

Algeria’s top five suppliers are: China, which still holds first place with 4.869 billion USd (nearly 18.7% of Algeria’s total imports), up 18.37%, followed by France with 2.513 billion usd (9.65%), Spain with 1.938 billion USD (7.44%), Germany with 1.933 billion USD (7.42%) and Italy with 1.867 billion USD (7.17%).





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