Algeria-EU: Training on evaluation techniques of vocational training institutions


BLIDA – A training session on the evaluation techniques of institutions in the vocational training sector was opened on Monday at the CFPA “Maizi Fatma Zohra” of UeOuled Yaïch (W of Blida), as part of the program AFEQ (Adequacy Training Employment and Qualification), co-financed by Algeria and the European Union.

This five-day session (two days of theory and three days of practice) aims to “inculcate beneficiary managers in the methods of evaluation and operation of an apprenticeship training institution, considering that this is the training method selected by the program, “Belarbi Salah, an expert in audit and evaluation, told APS.

In addition to theoretical courses on the subject, the beneficiaries of this session, namely apprenticeship inspectors, directors, educational officers, training inspectors and other advisers, will be entrusted, as practical courses, with an evaluation and audit of two pilot schools in Ouled Yaïch and Blida, with supervision provided by experts.

The training session aims to “develop and improve the methods of operation and management of apprenticeship training institutions, in parallel with the strengthening of cooperation between them and economic enterprises,” said Bahloul Hamoudi Nadjet, local expert in the AFEQ project.

This training session is the 2nd of its kind in Blida, after the one held last June for a group of executives from the same sector.

The Training-Employment-Qualification Support Program (AFEQ) is co-financed by the European Union (10 million euros) and Algeria (1 million euros), represented in this case by the Ministry of Finance and Labor, Employment and Social Security.







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