Presidential election: “Nobody has the power to interrupt or hamper Algeria’s march”


ALGIERS – Lieutenant General Ahmed Gaïd Salah, Deputy Minister of National Defence, Chief of Staff of the People’s National Army said on Wednesday in Constantine, that “nobody has the power to interrupt or hamper the march of Algeria and blocking it from reaching its objective.”


“However, the only and certain constant is that Algeria will go out the crisis, and nobody has the power to interrupt or hamper the march of Algeria and block it from reaching its objective,” he said in an orientation speech during a meeting with the executives of all the units of the 5th Military Region.

The Army chief said that “all what has been achieved on the ground on several levels and numerous fields in order to rapidly resolve this crisis and develop the suitable conditions to meet the pressing popular demands, namely the opening of the way for the Algerian people to accomplish their national duty and build the cherished democracy through a free and transparent election of the patriotic and loyal man,” said Ahmed Gaid Salah as quoted by the national defence ministry.

The Lieutenant General said that “the conclusions of the Council of Ministers meeting of September 9th, 2019, under the presidency of Head of State Abdelkader Bensalah, are one of the most important evidences of a secure process of the forthcoming presidential election and the guarantee of their smooth, transparent and clear unfolding. Those elections will enable the Algerian people to express their choices.”

The Head of the State gave instructions to develop all the conditions to properly prepare the presidential elections and to make available all the means for their unfolding in transparency and integrity.

“It is clear that the creation of the National Independent Authority in charge of Elections as well as the amendment of the organic law on the electoral system are the reliable evidence of the State institutions willingness to finally set up all the conditions to make this major election a success,” he added.

The two bills are planned to be presented to both Houses of Parliament for examination, discussion and adoption, before being submitted to the Constitutional Council.

“We consider that the materialization of these popular expectations constitutes significant stages achieved in the process of guaranteeing the good organization of this crucial election, in line with the demands the Algerian people is constantly repeating.”


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