Bills on Independent Electoral Authority, electoral system adopted


ALGIERS-Members of the National People’s Assembly (APN) adopted, on Thursday afternoon, the draft organic law amending and supplementing the electoral law and the draft organic law on the Independent National Electoral Authority, at a plenary session chaired by Slimane Chenine, President the National People’s Assembly.

Minister of Justice Belkacem Zeghmati presented on Wednesday the organic bill on national independent authority of elections and the organic bill on electoral system in a plenary session at the People’s National Assembly, chaired by its speaker Slimane Chenine.

The organic bill on the national independent authority of elections provides for the transfer “of all the prerogatives of the public authorities to the independent authority in charge of the elections.”

It will have the status of a legal entity and the administrative and financial autonomy and will be in charge of organizing, monitoring the electoral process and supervising all its phases, since the convening of the electorate until the announcement of the preliminary results.”

This authority will have all the prerogatives, which were entrusted to the public administration in the electoral matter and will have its own budget of functioning and appropriations destined to the electoral operations. It will supervise the electoral process nationwide and abroad.

Concerning the organic bill modifying and completing the organic law on the electoral system, the introduced amendments focused on the preparation and organization of electoral operations, in addition to a section devoted to the presidential election.




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