Diwan Festival in Bechar: Ouled El Gaada band of Ain-Sefra takes 1st prize


BECHAR (Algeria)- Ouled El Gaada musical troupe of Ain-Sefra, province of Naama, has won the first prize of the 12th National Cultural Festival of Diwan Music, wrapped up Tuesday evening in Bechar (965-km southwest of Algiers).

This troupe composed mainly of young musicians from the Diwane tradition of the same region, managed to convince the jury of this edition on its presentation, its mastery of the stage, its choreography and the dexterity and authenticity of its performance.

The second place went to the young members of the troupe “Ouled Ahl Tarh” of Bechar, while the third place was obtained by “Ahl Diwane Jil Sayed”, also of Bechar.

The special prize of this musical and cultural event, which saw the participation of a dozen of troops from different regions of the country, was awarded to the troupe “Dendoun feminin Lalla Kheira” Ghardaia.

During the closing ceremony of this edition, a vibrant tribute was also paid to the dean of Diwane in the country;  Maâlem Mohamed Bahaz, one of the tenors of the sacred and secular traditions of Diwane, who is very pleased with this laudable initiative of the festival organizers.

Another tribute was also paid to Maalem Boufeldja Djedi, one of the oldest Diwane musicians in the Bechar region, who has dedicated much of his life to promoting this traditional artistic genre throughout the Bechar region and elsewhere.

The closing night of this festival (August 31-September 3) which was hosted by the group “Chraâ” of Kenadza (Wilaya of Bechar), was marked by a strong presence of the public, especially young people who appreciated the organization of such event dedicated to a music.



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