Presidential election: It is appropriate to summon Electorate on Sept 15th, says Army Chief



ALGIERS – Lieutenant General Ahmed Gaïd Salah, Deputy Minister of National Defence, Chief of Staff of the People’s National Army (ANP), said Monday in Ouargla, that it was “appropriate to summon the Electorate on September 15th” and these “elections can be held within the deadlines provided for by law,” the National Defence Ministry said in a communiqué.


 In my previous speech, “I have spoken about the priority to seriously launch the preparation of the presidential elections within the coming weeks, and today, based on our missions, prerogatives and our compliance with the Constitution and the laws of the Republic as well, I confirm that we regard as appropriate to summon the Electorate on September 15th and the elections can be held within the deadlines provided for by the law. Reasonable and acceptable deadlines which respond to the insistent demand of the people,” said Lieutenant General, who is on working and inspection visit to the 4th Military region.

In this regard, he welcomed “the efforts of the National Panel for Mediation and Dialogue” and valued “the encouraging results achieved in such a short time, on the path of serious, constructive and objective dialogue.”

The Army Chief once again called for “moving forward to bridge views, unify visions and find mechanisms likely to materialize the insistent approach which is speeding up the organization of the presidential elections, by rapidly installing a national independent authority for the preparation, the organization and the monitoring of elections. This authority will oversee all the stages of the electoral process which also requires the revision of certain texts of the electoral law to meet the requirements of the current situation and not a total and thorough revision which would concern all the texts, as demanded by some parties, and which would take too much time.”

“These elections which are a crucial milestone in Algeria’s history will provide further progress on the path of the creation of Rule of Law,” he added.







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